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Program of Study

The Program of Study at Archbishop Carroll allows students to explore a variety of disciplines and styles of learning. The graduation requirements include foundational courses as well as upper-level electives. Typically a student graduates with 27-28 credits, including 4 years of Religion, English, and Math, 3 years of Social Studies and Science, and 2 years of Foreign Languages, Business/ Computer Science, and the Fine Arts.

The following credits must be obtained:




4 credits 

(1 credit each year of attendance)


4 credits


4 credits


3 credits

Foreign Language  

2 credits

Social Studies    

3 credits


½ credit

Fine Arts

1 credit

Business and Technology

1 credit


½ credit

Physical Education*

1 credit


2 - 4 ½ credits


28.5 credit

Definition of a credit: Successful completion of a year-long course earns 1 credit, semester-long courses earn 0.5 credits.

  •     A transfer student’s course work and credits from their previous school will be evaluated on a case by case basis upon entering Archbishop Carroll High School.
  •     High School Courses offered at the middle school (usually Algebra 1 or Foreign Language Level 1) are not eligible for high school credit.
  •     High School courses taken in middle school will be considered for placement in high school courses:
  •     The student’s passed course will not automatically count toward the 28.5 credits required for graduation.
  •     The student’s course grade will not be recorded on the high school transcript.
  •     The student must take a placement exam before they are placed in any ACHS courses. Students may be required to retake the course for which they earned credit.  If required to retake the high school course:
  •   The high school grade will be calculated in the high school GPA.
  • ○ Only one credit will be awarded.


Graduation requirements for an Archbishop Carroll High School diploma include earning the required number of credits as noted in the course sections above, completing the required Christian service hours, and cooperating with all school policies, rules and regulations.  Specific course offerings can be found on departmental pages.


AP Courses

Archbishop Carroll AP courses in almost all disciplines. Students are placed in honors courses in ninth grade based on previous academic performance and standardized testing. Students are recommended for honors courses from tenth through twelfth grades by departmental recommendation. Students’ academic performance must meet consistent standards to continue placement in honors classes. Students may take one or several honors classes, depending on interest and demonstrated college-level courses and exams that you can take in high school.


AP Program offers college-level courses and exams that you can take in high school.