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Program of Study

The Program of Study at Archbishop Carroll allows students to explore a variety of disciplines and styles of learning. The graduation requirements include foundational courses as well as upper-level electives. Typically a student graduates with 27-28 credits, including 4 years of Religion, English, and Math, 3 years of Social Studies and Science, and 2 years of Foreign Languages, Business/ Computer Science, and the Fine Arts.

Graduation requirements are as follows:



Credits Required

Religion 4
English 4
Mathematics 4
Social Studies 3.5
Foreign Language 2
Science 3
Performing Arts / Visual Arts
Physical Education and Health 1.5
Business/ Computer Science 1
Electives 2


Graduation requirements for an Archbishop Carroll High School diploma include earning the required number of credits as noted in the course sections above, completing the required Christian service hours, and cooperating with all school policies, rules and regulations.  Specific course offerings can be found on departmental pages.


Honors and International Baccalaureate (I.B.) Courses

Archbishop Carroll offers honors and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme courses in almost all disciplines. Students are placed in honors courses in ninth grade based on previous academic performance and standardized testing. Students are recommended for honors and I.B. courses from tenth through twelfth grades by departmental recommendation. Students’ academic performance must meet consistent standards to continue placement in honors or I.B. classes. Students may take one or several honors or I.B. classes, depending on interest and demonstrated achievement.

Click here to learn more about the I.B. Program.