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Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Archbishop Carroll! As you spend time looking through the information on this website, I want to give you a glimpse into the most important part of Carroll: a day in the life of a Carroll Lion. Here are a few highlights: 

7 a.m.: Early in the morning, students gather in the locker room to chat with friends, head to the gym for some early morning basketball, or settle in the cafeteria for some last-minute studying.

7:35: Students and faculty also have the option to join together in the chapel for a morning Mass. Students share readings, prayers, and intentions in community with the spiritual leaders of the school. 

8:00: First period! Here is just a sampling of the classes our students head off to during their seven-period day:

Honors Biochemistry, our 10th grade pre-I.B. Chemistry course

Law and Social Justice, team-taught with students from Catholic University’s law school;

I.B. Information Technology in a Global Society, where students are designing applications to solve real-world problems;

20th Century History: The cornerstone social studies course for all 12th graders, who engage in cross-departmental research;

Catholicism: Students explore the fundamentals of faith in this introductory 9th grade course, taught like a lab course as students apply teachings and practices to their own lives.

For insights into all the courses Carroll students take, see our Program of Study. 

9:40 Pride Period: Each student gathers with a small group of peers, known as their Pride, for a few minutes of sharing, community, and faith in the midst of a busy morning. 

10:00 Classes continue…Our course of study is designed to prepare all students well for selective college admissions; to allow students to explore their interests; and to encourage students to challenge themselves. 

11:20 Lunch: Students gather in the cafeteria for meals prepared by Three Brothers, featuring nutritious salads, wraps, and a definite Italian influence, including everyone’s favorite: homemade calzones.

12:00 More classes...When I step into a Carroll classroom, I see students commenting on current events, questioning scientific theories, and learning how to pull together thirty voices into a thriving concert choir. One of the things I find most impressive is how our students learn from each other.

3:35 The school day ends...but the building seems just as busy. Students head to practice for a variety of team sports, for club sports, or play rehearsal. Our student council might be planning a dance while our Peer Ministers will meet to practice and plan for our next all-school liturgy. Students also collaborate on projects in the library or complete homework in the McGowan Center computer. 

7 p.m. The last shuttle bus leaves to take students to the Brookland Metro, our closest Metro stop. Students head home for family time, downtime, and, of course, homework and study. 

The spirit our students bring to these endeavors is one of dedication, courage, and joy. Each day, when a student leads our community in prayer and announcements with a mix of fun and reverence, I am struck by the resounding knowledge that these are the leaders of the future, building a community built on virtue and faith, supporting one another on their road to excellence.


-Katy Dunn, Principal