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College Counseling

Students begin preparing for college the first day they begin classes at Archbishop Carroll.  Our curriculum is aligned to meet all students where they are and help each of them achieve the most promising college admissions possible.  

The SAT standards are incorporated into courses; International Baccalaureate (I.B.) and Engineering Program participation prepares students not just for the content but the workload and habits of mind students need for success in college; and our co-curricular programs help students develop the well-rounded interests and skills that benefit them not just in the college application process but long after.
Our guidance staff works with students and parents from 9th grade through 12th grade to ensure students have all the information they need to handle the sometimes bewildering process of apply for college.

The College Planning Process

We stress the importance of building an attractive transcript for college,while encouraging students to enjoy co-curricular activities as esteem builders and for socialization.

With the continued importance of grades as a component of a career/profession, students are advised to begin researching their identified careers, and planning their electives accordingly for their junior year.

Juniors are encouraged to pick six colleges, obtain information on some, and attend the Carroll College Planning Night and College Fairs. Seniors receive a College Bound Folder the 1st week of school with all the materials needed for their College merge process.

Senior year the selection and application process begins, hopefully before Christmas, definitely by March 1st, when all seniors have completed the application process. A Financial Aid Workshop is held for parents and Seniors early December.

Carroll students take the NEDT in the ninth and tenth grades, and the PSAT in the eleventh grade. Juniors and seniors take the SAT and the ACT. All of the tests above may be taken at Carroll.

There is a supportive and cooperative network with other student services (i.e., student discipline). Guidance is utilized by teachers, and has been involved in formal, career-oriented groups such as Carroll Colleagues, Law Explorer's Program, and in less formal situations as some of the college counselors have met with their prospective seniors over the summer.

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