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Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry department aims to spiritually develop all Carroll students at grade-appropriate levels.


The Campus Ministry department aims to spiritually develop all Carroll students  and bring students closer to God. We provide opportunities for students to grow in their faith through Mass, retreats, prayer services, confession, days of action, and service opportunities.

The Campus Ministry Office is on the first floor, near the elevator. Our office is a place of rest and peace and students are encouraged to visit to speak to the Campus Minister, Service Learning Coordinator, or Volunteer Chaplain. Please stop by for a visit!


Who We Are

Director of Campus Ministry

Ms. Maeve Gilheney-Gallagher

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 202.529.0900 ext.140


Service Learning Coordinator

Mr. Richard Vitale

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 202.529.0900 ext.311


Peer Ministers


Peer Ministers are 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students who are selected based on an in-depth application process. They help plan liturgies and retreats, engage in peer mentoring, and strive to live an example of faith-filled high school life.


All grades experience a yearly, mandatory class retreat to bond with classmates, and to learn about a particular spiritual theme, and grow closer to God. The Kairos Retreat is a four day, three night optional spiritual experience for 11th and 12th grade students that focuses on their personal relationship with God. Kairos requires additional payment for students to attend. Payment plans and scholarships are available.

Service Learning

Campus Ministry also supports various service activities throughout the year, such as our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. Campus Ministry assists students in completing their annual service learning requirement by connecting them to various nonprofit organizations in the DC area. During the 2019-2020 school year, Carroll students served over 1,500 hours!

For more information about the Service Learning expectations for all students, click here. 

Photo Gallery

Visit our photo gallery to see some of our events over the years.

Service Learning Policies

Archbishop Carroll High School challenges students to live their faith by working for justice in society. As a school community, we witness the Word of God by putting our faith into action. Jesus promises us that whenever we serve “the least of his brothers and sisters,” we serve Him. Our hope is to promote service learning that is transformative for the student, emphasizing quality of service and reflection.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 25 service learning hours per year for a total of 100 hours by graduation. Students are strongly encouraged to complete more than 25 hours per year and to continue to submit service hours so that they can be recognized at assemblies and other gatherings. All current Service Learning policies are also published in the Student Handbook.

Service Learning Program Breakdown

Each year at least 10 of the 25 hours must be completed working the ACHS Food Drive in the fall. Those shifts will be assigned by the Service Learning Coordinator. 

Each year at least 5 of the 25 hours must be completed serving in your assigned religion class service project.  

Each year at least 10 of the 25  hours must be completed serving in your Religion class service focus. 

In addition, students are encouraged to complete additional service hours outside of Carroll, aligned with the Corporal Works of Mercy and our program mission. Any additional service hours must be approved in advance by the Service Learning Coordinator. Additional service hours can be completed and submitted anytime after the first day of school when a student begins classes at Carroll and up to their last day of classes.

Completing additional service hours is an opportunity for the student to explore service in an area they find interesting or of importance to them as individuals. These hours do not replace the 25/year required hours but will enhance a student’s service learning experience. All service hours will be included on report cards and transcripts and represent an important accomplishment when applying to college and jobs. If a student needs help discovering other opportunities, they can check with their local church, schools, or consult with the Campus Ministry team.


Submitting Service Learning Hours


Service hours should be submitted online at To submit hours for approval and completion of required service hours students must:

  1. Login to student created x2vol account
  2. Click on the “Activity Hours” tab and then click “Add an activity of your own.” 
  3. A new service submission form will appear. Fill out this required form which includes
    1. The name of the organization you worked with
    2. The date of service
    3. The amount of hours served
    4. Description of the student service
    5. Contact information (name, phone number, and email) for the supervisor at the service site
    6. A one paragraph reflection in which the student reflects on what they learned about themselves, the need they were addressing or the benefits of service for the student. The reflection is mandatory and your hours will not be approved without it being completed.


After service hours have been logged, the listed supervisor will receive an email from x2vol asking them to verify the student completed the submitted service and then the Service Learning Coordinator will approve the hours once the student submission is read and determined to meet the requirements. Students will be able to see the status of hours on the website and if they are denied, an explanation will be provided. Some reasons for denial may include: a reflection paragraph is not completed, forms are not filled out completely, service not verified by supervisor, work done not an approved volunteer service, hours are not submitted in a timely manner, or accurate dates of service are not provided.


If you experience difficulty logging onto the website or adding hours, please contact either the Service Learning Coordinator or the website’s help service. The site has a password retrieval function if needed. Do not create a new account.


 NOTE: The online forms are meant to be filled out each time a student performs service.


Additional Service Information

When in doubt, students should get approval from the Service Learning Coordinator prior to engaging in service.  Failure to do so may result in completed hours being disqualified if the hours do not meet the given criteria. The Service Learning Coordinator has ample resources to assist students in contacting agencies and organizations to complete their service requirement.  Please visit the Campus Ministry Office for a list of possible service sites.



2020-2021 Service Hour Deadlines

All hours must be submitted by:


Class of 2021: April 12, 2021

Class of 2022: May 5, 2021

Class of 2023: May 5, 2021

Class of 2024: May 5, 2021


Student Service Google Classroom Links :


Service Learning Class of 2021

Service Learning Class of 2022

Service Learning Class of 2023

Service Learning Class of 2024


Failure to Complete Service Learning

Students must complete the required number of discipleship service hours each year. Students who do not complete their minimum required hours by the deadline will be placed on Probation.  They will not be permitted to participate in sports, clubs, or other activities until all Service Learning hours for the prior year are turned in and verified.  Students must log make-up hours by August 1st to begin participating in activities for the new school year.


Seniors must complete their minimum required hours by the end of third quarter to be allowed to attend the prom. Seniors must complete their required hours by the fourth quarter deadline established by Campus Ministry in order to participate in graduation and baccalaureate.


Service Learning FAQs

  • What is the website for service hours?


  • How do I log hours on x2vol?

All freshmen and transfer students will be contacted by the Service Learning Coordinator to create and account. Service hours should be submitted online at Log in to the account you created, click on the “Activity Hours” tab and then click “Add an activity of your own.”  From there, fill out the required form which includes the name of the organization you worked with, the date of service, the amount of hours served, a description of your service and a reflection on it, and contact information (name, phone number and/or email) for a supervisor at your service site.


Please make sure to get the contact information at your site so that you can accurately submit your hours. Site supervisors will be contacted to verify service. Hours submitted without this information will be denied.


After service hours have been logged, the Service Learning Coordinator will accept or deny the hours. You will be able to see the status of your hours on the website. If they are denied an explanation will be provided. Some reasons for denial may include: forms are not filled out completely, hours submitted do not meet the acceptable types of service, hours are not submitted in a timely manner, or accurate dates of service are not provided.


  • What kinds of service can I do?
    • Nursing homes
    • Assisted living facilities
    • Rehabilitation centers
    • Hospitals
    • Food banks
    • Participation in fundraisers that raise awareness for life-threatening diseases and illnesses such as: Walk for a Cure, Relay for Life, etc.
    • Mentoring or tutoring programs
    • Campus Ministry sponsored service trips & events
    • Environmental work


  • I forgot my password. Should I make a new account? 

No. Simply enter your email address on the website and then click “Reminder.” This should send a copy of your password to your email account. If that doesn’t work, contact the Service Learning Coordinator.


  • My service hours are not correct on my transcript/report card/progress report. What do I do?

Your report card should show the hours only from this year. Your progress report should show the hours from the previous quarter. Your transcript should show all hours from all years and should match what is recorded on the website. If your report card or transcript is wrong contact the Service Learning Coordinator. 


  • How many hours do I have to do? What about if I transferred?

You are required to do a minimum of 25 service hours each year. If you are a transfer student you are not responsible for hours from previous years. However, if you would like to have credit for hours you did at your previous school to show on your transcript the Service Learning Coordinator can input them into the system with proof of your service.


  • How can I learn about service learning opportunities? 

The Service Learning Coordinator will publicize service opportunities on your class’s Google Classroom.  Additionally, opportunities will be posted in the daily announcements. The Service Learning Coordinator can also suggest opportunities to you if you visit the Campus Ministry Office.