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Annual Food Drive



The Archbishop Carroll High School community has enjoyed a decades long tradition and commitment to a Thanksgiving Food Drive.  Students, parents, alumni, and supporters take on an important mission-driven operation — to combat hunger in our local community. 


Each year, donations are collected, sorted and repacked to provide over 300 Thanksgiving dinners — including a turkey, trimmings, and a week's worth of pantry supplies — to local families in need. Last year with the world wide COVID shut downs, Carroll rallied to continue the food drive with socially safe procedures and through God’s grace and your generosity we were able to meet and exceed our goal of feeding over 300 families. As the pandemic’s impact continues, we are committed this year again to serving those families in need in our community and continuing to grow the Food Drive program to meet the challenges of our community today.


As alumni you know firsthand the importance of this work at Carroll and why your continued participation as alumni is so important. As we did last year, we are asking each student, parent, alumni and public supporter, to collect the required food items for at least one family in need on their own and package them in two medium boxes which can then be delivered to campus. There will be a special Alumni Collection Day on Sunday, November 21, 2021.


In addition to food donations, we continue to take monetary donations to assist in buying turkeys, food and other supplies and resources for the Food Drive or the Food Pantry. Your generosity will ensure this long standing Archbishop Carroll tradition of compassion, empathy and service continues to thrive. All donations are tax-deductible.


To support with a monetary donation:

Make an online Food Drive donations here:


To donate by check, send checks payable to Archbishop Carroll High School (food drive in memo) to:


Advancement Department

Archbishop Carroll High School 

4300 Harwood Road, NE

Washington, DC 20017

(One Thanksgiving basket with turkey costs approximately $130.)


If you would like to volunteer with the Food Drive efforts at the school, assisting with the collection of Alumni Food Drive boxes or other Alumni activities please contact: Stacy Rubens, Director of Alumni & Constituent Affairs at [email protected].

To commit to a assembling one box set of all items on the list (list & instructions on assembly below), contact Stacy Rubens to receive a box number assignment (Alumni boxes will begin at 200a & 200b), collect the items per the directions, placing them into two medium to small boxes (if you need boxes you can pick up donated ones at Carroll during any of the hours below) and then deliver the boxes to Carroll. Drop off times and hours during either school business hours:


  • Monday through Friday 7:30- AM - 5:00 PM during school hours
  • Saturdays, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
      • October 30th
      • November 6th, 13th and 20th


Please check off each item as you put it in the box and place this completed form in the box. Do not seal the box! Deliver completed boxes to Archbishop Carroll. (Dates and times are listed above.)

Food for One Family Should Contain (separate into 2 evenly weighted boxes)  


Green Beans - 2 cans


Beans (Black, Kidney, Pinto etc.) - 4 cans


Soup - 6 cans


Vegetables misc/mixed. - 4 cans


Corn - 2 cans


Sweet Potatoes or Yams - 1 can


Oil (Vegetable, Canola etc.) - 1 bottle


Spaghetti/Tomato sauce - 2 cans/jars


Gravy - 1 can/jar/packet


Dried potatoes - 2 boxes


Flour - 1 bag


Sugar - 1 bag 


Pancake Mix - 1 box/bag


Cereal/Oatmeal - 1 box


Stuffing - 1 box/bag


Cranberry Sauce - 1 can


Pasta - 3 boxes/bags

Business hours for Food Drive Drop Off (which ends Sunday, November 21st): 

  • Monday through Friday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm 
  • Saturdays 9 - 1 pm
  • Alumni Day on Sunday, November 21st,  Noon to 5 pm


Tuna/Seafood/Spam/Other Meat - 4 cans


Rice - 3 bags/boxes


Corn Muffin Mix - 2 boxes


Snacks - 1 box Cake/Brownie Mix AND/OR 2 Snack Items (Pudding, Cookies, Crackers etc.)


Add 4-6 of These Items as Available


Dried Beans - 1 bag


Salad Dressing - 1


Ketchup or Other Condiment - 1


Juice or Soda - 1


Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate - 1 box


Peanut Butter - 1 jar


Jelly or Jam - Jar


Mac n Cheese - 2 boxes


Fruit or Applesauce - 2 cans/jars




Two Thanksgiving Cards (1/box)

Please print out the list and bring it with the box. If you need boxes, we have them both at Carroll which you can pick up during business hours (listed above). Please bring a mask when you visit Carroll High School and the Supervisor staff at the front doors can assist you with boxes.