Tuition / Financial Aid Schedules and Policies

A) Annual Payment

A 5% tuition discount is applied if the full tuition amount is paid by July 20th. Payment received after the due date will automatically forfeit the discount.

B) Semi-annual Payments

Tuition is paid in two installments, July 20th and April 20th.

C) 10-Monthly Payments

Tuition is paid in ten (10) equal installments beginning July 2023 and ending in April 2024.

Parents/Guardians that do not choose Payment Schedule A must enroll with TADS Tuition Management. Payments are deducted from the parent/guardian’s checking, savings, or credit card account by the designated due date (5th, 20th, or 25th).

TADS charges an annual fee of $60.00, which is deducted upon completion of the agreement.  

TADS charges $50.00 for the late fee and returned payment.

TADS agreements may be created by clicking here.

Contact Us

Please get in touch with Ms. Canales with any tuition or financial aid schedules and policy questions. 


Phone 202-529-0900 / Fax 202-529-6235




Email and Extension

Rosa Canales

Student Account Specialist

[email protected]


Edythe White

Accounts Payable Associate, Head Girls Varsity Basketball Coach

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