Tuition / Financial Aid Schedules and Policies

A) Annual Payment

A 5% tuition discount is applied if the full tuition amount is paid by July 20th. Payment received after the due date will automatically forfeit the discount.

B) Semi-annual Payments

Tuition is paid in two installments, July 20th and April 20th.

C) 10-Monthly Payments

Tuition is paid in ten (10) equal installments beginning July 2023 and ending in April 2024.

Parents/Guardians who do not choose Payment Schedule A must enroll with TADS Tuition Management. Payments are deducted from the parent/guardian’s checking, savings, or credit card account by the designated due date (5th, 20th, or 25th).

TADS charges an annual fee of $60.00, which is deducted upon completion of the agreement.  

TADS charges $50.00 for the late fee and $50.00 for returned payment.

Contact Us

Please contact Ms. Canales with any tuition or financial aid schedules and policy questions. 


Phone 202-529-0900 / Fax 202-529-6235




Email and Extension

Rosa Canales

Student Account Specialist

[email protected]


Edythe White

Accounts Payable Associate, Head Girls Varsity Basketball Coach

[email protected]