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WCAC Adult Fan Expectation Policy

The primary goal of all Catholic educational institutions is to instruct young men and
women to be persons of faith, scholarship, and character and to take what they have
learned and become men and women for others.

Achieving this goal requires the reinforcement of adult role models, i.e., teachers,
coaches and mentors as well as fans who attend athletic events. Adults who provide a
good example help student athletes in our conference grow in knowledge of what it
means to be Catholic, Christian leaders.

It is in this (WCAC) regard that the member schools of the Washington Catholic Athletic
Conference require that all adults who attend sporting events behave in a manner that
respects and adheres to the rules expected of our students. The following behaviors are
prohibited at any athletic sponsored event:
  1. The taunting of an official, player or other fan.
  2. Any type of verbal or physical altercation with a player, official or fan.
  3. The consumption of alcohol or use of any illegal substance before, during, or
    after an athletic event while on the property of a member school of the WCAC where a
    high school sporting event involving any WCAC member school is being held. This policy
    does not prohibit member schools from serving alcohol as part of a school sponsored
    event that may coincide with a sporting event.
  4. Any other action deemed unbecoming or unacceptable at a Catholic institution
    by the leadership of that institution. When fans attending athletic events violate the
    above provisions, they may be asked to leave the event (by a school official) and
    may be prevented from attending future events.
Our parents and fans are welcome to enjoy, within reason, either pre or post game
tailgating while respecting the no alcohol mandate when on the premises.