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Why I Support Carroll

“As an alumnus, I support Carroll for many reasons. I have many fond memories of friends, teachers and coaches from my time at Carroll. These people were important parts not only of my life, but also of the lives of my entire family. And though those memories are great, it is the present and the future that make supporting Carroll so important. The educational and life skills that the students are exposed to every day make Carroll a great investment not only for them, but also for the enrichment of the whole community. I can see daily, through the students’ accomplishments, the direct results of my support. I can’t think of a better way to honor my own family.”

— Marty Cain ’68


“Archbishop Carroll High School is and has been an integral part of this city’s Catholic educational landscape for decades. I am happy that at this stage in life I can still make a difference in the lives of young people. Whether it’s helping to pay a student’s tuition or getting air conditioning into the classrooms – a comfort that no student in the nation’s capital should be without in the 21st century – I feel fortunate to be able to contribute to the mission and success of Carroll.”

— Vince Sheehy III


“I support Archbishop Carroll because first of all, I’m an alumnus and I understand my obligation to give back in gratitude for the excellent education I received. Even more important, however, I believe in Catholic education. Having been a member of the Board at Carroll, and then president of the board of the Center City Consortium of Catholic Elementary Schools, I know firsthand how critical our Catholic schools are for those who often do not have an opportunity for a quality education.  Catholic schools also provide the best opportunity for passing on our Catholic faith and values, while creating an environment where service of neighbor is the norm. Carroll is just such a community and worthy of my support.”

— John “Jack” Griffin '58


“When I first started attending Mass at Fort Belvoir, I heard Father Mudd talking about Archbishop Carroll High School. Once I was transferred to Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, I thought I should send my monthly tithe to a good cause like the students at Fr. Mudd’s school.  Tithing is important to me because my parents, Peter and Muriel Manuel, instilled in me at an early age that it is what is expected of Christians. I want to use my tithe for students who are really trying to better their lives in Catholic schools. God has blessed me in so many ways, and I want to give back for all that He has done for me and my family.”

— Sgt. (Ret.) Monica Manuel


“Project Excellence, the late journalist Carl Rowan’s outstanding scholarship program, was our introduction to the students of Archbishop Carroll High School. Getting to know those students and the dedicated leadership of Carroll over the past ten years convinced us that channeling some of our philanthropic resources directly to Carroll would greatly benefit t children and their families. We didn’t have previous ties to the school, but we have been so impressed with the programs and the people here. We believe our contributions to Carroll are wise investments not only in individuals, but in a school that is making a valuable difference to our community.”

— Steve and Barbara Newby

“As an alumnus of Carroll I experienced firsthand the dedication and commitment the Carroll community offers its students. Carroll offers its students strong educational opportunities and prepares students in their mission to achieve success. While attending Carroll I realized that many of the resources and programs we benefitted from were provided through alumni contributions. I felt that Carroll did an outstanding job in preparing and guiding me in the path of success. I have great memories from my time in Carroll and have joined those alumni who share and also believe in Carroll’s ability to shape its students into successful people.”

— Rebeka Bautista '06

“It’s important for our young people and our society that there be strong educational options available to everyone.  Each year I  provide a college scholarship for a graduation Carroll senior who will enter an historically black college or university (HBCU) because the mission and the legacy of HBCU’s in the African American community is critical to preserve.  I feel the same about the mission and the legacy of Carroll in the Washington, DC community.  I established the Jim Vance Scholarship at Carroll because I knew a Carroll student would be well prepared and ready to succeed at the next level.”

— Jim Vance
Anchor, WRC-TV, 4 NBC Washington


“Through the Colin Powell Scholars program at St. John’s Episcopal Church, I have been pleased to help send many students to Carroll, knowing they would benefit from an excellent high school education in an environment of faith and discipline. One example is Rhonda Humphries, who was an outstanding student-leader at the University of Virginia after graduating from Carroll, and has now returned to Carroll to share her gifts as a teacher. I support Carroll because it provides the kind of education that not only prepares students academically, but inspires them to achieve personally and professionally throughout their lifetimes.”

— Gen. Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret.)
Former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


“Carroll was a gift, a blessing for me. With the support and guidance of teachers and classmates, counselors and coaches, I developed the intellectual and spiritual lens through which I would eventually approach the wider world. That lens has led me to opportunities and successes I could have scarcely imagined while I was at Carroll. But that is what Carroll is all about… preparing young minds to swing for the fences and succeed, persevere through the expected and unexpected.”

— Kendrick F. Ashton, Jr. '93
Director, Perella Weinberg Partners, LP


“I believe that Archbishop Carroll High School is one of the most important Catholic institutions to contribute to because it assists students who might not otherwise have an opportunity to get an excellent education in a center city environment. Giving back is very important to me especially when it means contributing to a school with such a great mission.”

— John Brophy '61
President of ACS


“Education is very important for everyone and is a key to future business and personal success. My support of ACHS is my effort to assure the faculty has all of the resources to provide the students with the tools necessary to prepare for college and to meet the challenges of the future.”

— Jim Beers '57


 “I am a long-time supporter of Carroll because I clearly recognize the impact that the school had on my life.  As a John Carroll alumnus, I realize that my tenure at the school was a life-changing experience.  My Carroll education enabled me to focus on the critical values necessary for success in life and put me on the right track.  It is my hope that other young students have that same opportunity.”

— A. Barry Rand '62


“Since my godson was a student here sixteen years ago, I have seen that Carroll as an investment in you people’s futures, so they will be well educated, well informed, and great citizens in our society.  It is philanthropy at its best, because it pays off for students and pays off even more four our community.”

— Lavern Chapman
Former President and CEO, Northern Virginia Urban League