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Tech @ Carroll

Archbishop Carroll’s faculty believe that…

* Technology is a tool that can greatly enhance learning, along with other research-based pedagogical strategies.
* There are core skills for using technology in high school and college that all students need to know.
* We must provide students with a particular interest in technology access to courses and activities that will teach them the skills and habits of mind that prepare them for future study in this rapidly evolving field.

Simply put, computers and other devices are an integral part of learning at Carroll. At the same time, there is little educational research to indicate that lots of time spent on computers actually makes students smarter, and anyone who has watched a young person spend hours on his or her cell phone may intuit what research supports. (For more information on this research, click here).  

As educators, our job is to select the best tools to help students acquire the knowledge and skills they need. Sometimes, that will be computer-based technology; often, it will be strategies such as cooperative learning, which a large body of research supports as having a significant impact on student achievement.

Click here for more information on Carroll's technology resources and activities.