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Service FAQs

* How do I log hours on x2vol? Click here
* What counts for student Christian Service hours? Click here
* I don’t have any ideas for where to do service.  Help!  Click here
* How do I ask a Volunteer Coordinator to sign up for a service opportunity? Click here
* What is the website for service hours?
* Can I still use the paper form?  No.  We no longer have the ability to enter service hours for you based on a form.  Hours must be entered in the online system.  In that system, it asks that you enter contact information for a site.  I will follow up with the site supervisor to make sure you have completed the service.  Sometimes supervisors prefer to give you written confirmation which you can pass along to me so that I do not need to contact them to approve your hours.  This written approval is not a requirement.
* I forgot my password.  Should I just start a new account?  No.  If you start a new account, your hours will be in two different places and this will be confusing when it comes time to report them.  We want all your hours to be under one account.  Simply enter your email address on the website and then click “Reminder.”  This should send a copy of your password to your email account.
* My service hours are not correct on my transcript/ report card/ progress report.  What should I do?  Your report card should show the hours only from this year. Your progress report should show the hours from the previous quarter. They only update at the quarter. Your transcript should show all hours from all years and should match what is recorded on the website. If your report card or transcript is wrong, this is an issue, and should be reported to Ms. DeMareo. It is helpful if you can check the website before contacting me. Is the issue that hours have not been logged? Have they been logged but not approved? OR Are they correct on the website but not on the report card/ transcript? Please contact Ms. Julie DeMareo.
* What about service at Carroll?  If I sign in, then do I still have to enter those hours? Yes. I have you sign in so that when you register hours, I can check my records to make sure you were there.  I cannot actually put in hours for you.
* How many hours do I have to do? What about if I transferred?  You are required to do a minimum of ten service hours each year.  If you transferred you are not responsible for hours from previous years.  However, if you would like hours you did while at another school to show on your transcript, I can import them into the system.  I’ll need a letter from the other school stating how many hours you completed each year.
* What kind of service counts?  Service must be directly helping others in need and should be related to the larger community.  (Food drive, though at Carroll, still counts as service to the larger community.)  Service involves things like going to a soup kitchen, working with kids, visiting the sick, assisting the elderly, etc.  Filing at an office building is a good thing to help with but does not count for these hours.  Helping your mom look after your younger sister is a good thing also, but is something you simply do as a part of your family.  Service hours should involve going above normal responsibilities to reach out to others in the community.  If you aren’t sure what counts, ask Ms. DeMareo or consult the Discipleship Service Program Policies.
* What kind of service opportunities are there?  How do I know about them?  Ms. DeMareo will publicize service opportunities happening at Carroll. There are numerous other opportunities as well- going to Little Sisters of the Poor right behind Carroll to work with the sick/ elderly, volunteering at soup kitchen, volunteering during food drive in the fall, helping to sort/ organize clothes during our spring clothes/ book drive.  Listen for announcements or see postings on the Campus Ministry board to find out about these opportunities.  I am also happy to recommend service sites and how you can sign up to volunteer with them.
* What do seniors need to do prior to graduation?  Please submit hours by May 1 so that I can approve them prior to graduation.  If you do not complete your hours (ten from every year!), you will not be permitted to attend prom or walk in graduation.  Please be responsible so that you are all eligible!  Seniors must complete their minimum required hours by the end of third quarter to be allowed to attend the prom.


Please feel free to contact Ms. Julie DeMareo with questions.