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Service FAQs

Service Learning 

"Archbishop Carroll High School challenges students to live their faith by working for justice in society. As a school community, we witness the Word of God by putting our faith into action. Jesus promises us that whenever we serve “the least of his brothers and sisters,” we serve Him. Our hope is to promote service learning that is transformative for the student, emphasizing quality of service and reflection"

Service Learning RequirementsService Learning 1

Each year at least 10 of the 25 hours must be completed participating in the schoolwide service events offered throughout the year. 

Each year at least 10 of the 25 hours must be completed serving in your assigned Religion class service project.  

Each year at least 10 of the 25  hours must be completed serving in your Religion class service focus. 

In addition, students are encouraged to complete an additional 5 service hours outside of Carroll, aligned with the Corporal Works of Mercy, the Principles of Catholic Social Teaching, and our program mission.

Hours obtained by students by volunteering at events/activities that do not meet the criteria may be accumulated toward students' transcripts but will not be applied to their graduation requirements. All current Service Learning policies are also published in the Student Handbook.


Transfer Students

Service hours accumulated by students who transfer into Archbishop Carroll may apply those hours toward their transcript.  These hours are not applied to the graduation requirement.  Transfer students are subsequently required to complete 25 hours of service as previously described for each year they are enrolled as a student at Archbishop Carroll High School.


Service learning hours represent an important accomplishment when applying to college and jobs. If a student needs help discovering other opportunities, they can check with their local church, or schools, or consult with the Service Learning Coordinator. 

Q & A
Service101* Can I still use the paper form?  No! We no longer can enter service hours for you based on a form.  Hours must be entered in the online system.  In that system, it asks that you enter contact information for a site.  I will follow up with the site supervisor to make sure you have completed the service.  Sometimes supervisors prefer to give you written confirmation which you can pass along to me so that I do not need to contact them to approve your hours.  This written approval is not a requirement.
* I forgot my password.  Should I just start a new account?  No.  If you start a new account, your hours will be in two different places and this will be confusing when it comes time to report them.  We want all your hours to be under one account.  Simply enter your email address on the website and then click “Reminder.”  This should send a copy of your password to your email account.
* My service hours are not correct on my transcript/ report card/ progress report.  What should I do?  Your report card should show the hours only from this year. Your progress report should show the hours from the previous quarter. They only update at the quarter. Your transcript should show all hours from all years and should match what is recorded on the website. If your report card or transcript is wrong, this is an issue and should be reported to Ms. DeMareo. It would be helpful if you could check the website before contacting me. Is the issue that hours have not been logged? Have they been logged but not approved? OR Are they correct on the website but not on the report card/ transcript? Please contact Ms. Robinson.
* What about service at Carroll?  If I sign in, then do I still have to enter those hours? Yes. I have you sign in so that when you register hours, I can check my records to make sure you were there.  I cannot put in hours for you.
Parent Involvement Hours (PIP) 
Parent involvement and community service are incredibly important aspects of a successful school experience for students. Parent involvement helps create a supportive home environment that can positively impact the academic, social, and emotional development of their children. Additionally, parent involvement and community service can promote a sense of belonging in the school and create a more positive learning environment. Ultimately, the combination of parent involvement and community service can help students become more successful and confident in school.   
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