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Meet The Coaches 
                                           Head Coach
Jacques LaGrange

Coach LaGrange is a proud Alum of Archbishop Carroll High School. While at Carroll, he was a four-year Student-Athlete in Football and Baseball. He was born and raised in Washington, DC. After graduating from Archbishop Carroll he went to Florida A&M University to receive his B.S in Economics and a minor in Business. Along with Coach LaGrange his father, uncle and cousin all graduated from Carroll.


Coach LaGrange, a seasoned baseball coach with a passion for developing young talent, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the diamond. With a career spanning over a decade, Coach LaGrange has honed his coaching skills at both the high school and collegiate levels, leaving an indelible mark on the players he has mentored.

Known for his strategic acumen and dedication to player development, Coach LaGrange has a proven track record of fostering not only athletic prowess but also instilling values of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship. His coaching philosophy revolves around a balance of rigorous training, mental fortitude, and a love for the game. His commitment to fostering a positive and competitive environment has resulted in numerous successes for his teams, both on and off the field.

Whether refining techniques during practice or providing inspirational leadership during crucial moments in a game, Coach LaGrange remains dedicated to shaping not just skilled athletes, but well-rounded individuals poised for success both within and beyond the world of baseball.

Assistant Coach 
Isaiah Obasanjo

2024 Varsity Baseball Schedule TBD

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2/24/24 Riverdale Baptist Riverdale Baptist HS 1:00 pm Scrimmage
3/8/24 Suitland Forestville HS 4:30 pm
10-0 W
3/12/24 Pallotti Blandair Regional Park 3:30 pm 11-1 W
3/13/24 McKinley Tech Turkey Thicket 4:00 PM 18-1 W
Saint Francis Academy
(Baltimore, MD)
Swann Park 6:00 pm 7-5 W
3/18/24 Landon High School Landon School 4:30 pm 14-9 L
3/19/24 St. John Paul the Great HS St. John Paul the Great HS 4:00 pm 11-3 W
3/20/24 St. John's Turkey Thicket 6:30 pm 15-2 L
3/23/24 Good Counsel High School Taft Junior HS 4:00 pm GAME CANCELLED
3/26/24 McNamara High School  Taft Junior HS 4:00 pm 7-1 L
3/27/24 School Without Walls HS Maury Wills Rec Center 5:00 pm GAME CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER
3/28/24 Gonzaga Nat's Academy 4:00 pm 10-3 (L)
3/29/24 Eastern High School Taft Junior High 4:00 pm 17-4 (W)
3/30/24 DC International
Mill Park
11:00 am 8-4 (W)
4/5/24 St. John's High School St. John's  4:30 pm 11-1 (L)
4/6/24 The Heights School The Heights 11:00 am 2-1 (L)
4/9/24 St. Mary's Ryken HS Saint Mary's Ryken 4:30 pm 12-2 (L)
4/10/24 School Without Walls HS Maury Wills Rec Center 5:00 pm Cancelled
4/11/24 DeMatha High School Riverdale Park 4:00 pm 20-0 (L)
4/12/24 Riverdale Baptist HS Riverdale Baptist 4:00 pm Cancelled
4/15/24 Jackson Reed HS Fort Reno Park 4:30 pm 8-0 (L)
4/16/24 Bishop Ireton Taft Junior HS 4:30 pm 5-4 (W)
4/18/24 Good Counsel Good Counsel 4:30 pm 4-1 (L)
4/20/24 Gonzaga Turkey Thicket  12:00 pm 11-1 (L)
4/22/24 Good Counsel Turkey Thicket 4:00 pm 9-3 (L)
4/23/24 Bishop O'Connell Bishop O'Connell 4:30 pm 11-1 (L)
4/25/24 The Heights School The Heights School 4:00 pm 6-3 (L)
4/27/24 DeMatha HS
Dwight Mosely    Taft Field
4:00 pm 11-1 9L)
4/30/24 Paul VI HS Paul VI HS 5:30 pm 17-2 (L)
5/2/24 St. Mary's Ryken St. Mary's Ryken 4:30 pm
2-0 (L)
 5/14/24 Gonzaga   Nationals Stadium

4:00 pm 

DC States Playoff Quarterfinals


2024  Varsity Baseball Roster
Stefan Lockridge 12 UTIL     Freshman
Cayden Williams 15 UTIL 5'9   Junior
Isaiah Parker 5 2B     Freshman
Jackson Swain 6 UTIL 5'5" 150 Senior
George Taylor  23 C/3B/P 5'8" 210 Senior
Dylan Gordon SS/P 6'1" 165 Senior
Santana Grady 11  INF/P 6'1" 160 Senior
Daryl Nicholas  7 INF/OF/P 5'9" 145 Senior
Dylan Stewart 10 RF 5'6" 130 Junior
Clyde Watts 21 C 5'9" 120 Junior
Kadar Muir 3 OF 5'9" 160 Junior
Hassan Hill 13 UTIL 5'3" 120 Junior
Maxwell May 14 OF 5'11" 144 Senior
Nathaniel Green 4 SS/P 55" 138 Junior
Makhai Barber 8 C/2B/LF 5'8" 121 Sophomore
Dionne Odom   Manager     Senior
Lyric Green   Manager     Freshman
Madisen Johnson   Manager     Senior
Monique Clark   Manager     Junior