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Useful Links

Purdue OWL  A detailed writing assistant good for citation tips and guidelines as well as other writing assistance. 
San Jose Library Plagiarism Tutorial  A quick, fun, and informative tutorial on plagiarism and how to avoid it. 
Goodreads  A great place to record your books and connect with people who have similar tastes 
Google Books  A large collection of book samples containing nearly full text books of all genres. 
World Digital Library  Collection of texts, images, and other items digitally combined by the Library of Congress and other international institutions. 
Project Gutenberg  Collection of ebooks comprised mostly of texts whose copyright has expired. 
Internet Public Library  An online collection of resources and links to resources made available freely to the public 
Directory of Open Access Journals  Comprehensive directory of open access journals from around the globe in numerous subjects in the humanities and sciences. 
District of Columbia Public Library  Main website of the DCPL. Useful for both pleasure reading and academic research. 
Ten Steps to Better Web Research  Detailed and straightforward guide to web research and evaluation 
Free eBooks   
AASL Best Websites for Teaching and Learning  A collection of websites and web-tools that are great for both student and faculty usage in instruction, presentation and organization 
Visual Thesaurus  A website with great connective references, not just a thesaurus 
NoodleTools  A great tool for organizing research papers and other projects. 
Diigo  A bookmarking site that allows you to access and add bookmarks from any computer or device connected to the web. 
Evernote  A great way to manage your notes, lectures, images, across the web 
San Jose State University Assignment Calculator  A great visual for breaking down assignments into an easily managed schedule.