Guidance Office


Each student has a counselor who will assist them with academic and personal counseling concerns. The counselor schedules meeting dates for each student throughout the academic year. Some of those services include:

* Individual Inventory Services
* College Counseling
* Individual Counseling
* Group Counseling
* Placement Services
* Occupational Information Services
* Academic Assistance
* Follow-Up Services

Our grade-level counselors are:

Student last name begins with...


Email and Extension

(202) 529-0900


Helen McCulloch

[email protected]

Ext. 131


Christine Miller 

[email protected]

Ext. 154

Parents and students are encouraged to contact their counselor.

Academic Intervention/ Learning Difference Support

Students with learning differences or challenges, such as ADHD, receive support from our Academic Intervention Director, Monique Williams.  Not sure whether a student has a learning difference? Ms. Williams can provide information on testing and strategies to try even without a clear diagnosis.

Academic Intervention Director: [email protected], (202) 529-0900, Ext. 158

Academic Probation Counseling

Students who are on Academic Probation may be assigned additional counseling.