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Technology Resources & Activities

Technology In Practice

As a result of our beliefs about technology and our monitoring of educational research, Archbishop Carroll supports a BYOD model, or “Bring Your Own Device.”  Students are welcome to bring laptops or tablet computers for use as permitted by teachers.  

The school has multiple computer labs suited for instructional purposes when the learning of an entire class is best facilitated by technology. Computer labs in the library, McGowan Center and Writing Center are available during lunch and for several hours after school for student use. All students are expected to adhere to the school’s Acceptable Use policy and to use devices only when allowed by teachers.

Chromebooks are the device we recommend most for student use, given their alignment with our Google-based learning management system. Beginning in 2015-16, all students will be expected to register their devices with the school’s technology coordinator.

Technology Resources

All Archbishop Carroll students use the following tools:

* Course Director, a learning management system integrated with students’ Google-based accounts. Course Director allows students to access and submit work electronically.

* Edline, a grade reporting system that allows students and parents to monitor grades.

Individual courses may also expect students to use subject-specific applications, such as for Biochemistry or ManageBac for I.B. courses.


Technology Courses & Activities

All students are required to take or place out of Introduction to Technology, an overview of keyboarding and the applications students will use in most high school and college courses, such as word processing, presentation software, and basic spreadsheet use.  Introduction to Technology also ensures all students are taught safe, responsible use of online tools.

For more information about additional computer science courses such as programming and robotics, click here.