Apply for the Jim Vance Media Program


Interested candidates can apply here. Jim Vance Applicants should  submit a 250 word essay and a two minute video to Dr. Cherie Ward at  For additional information contact Admissions at


Program Overview

The Archbishop Carroll High School Jim Vance Media Program is a comprehensive four year plan for students to experience the journalism profession from the principles, practices and techniques, to hands-on-experiences in the field.  Participation in this program, prepares students for the diverse media world of today and the future, through core coursework, practical implementation through out-of-class activities and practicum/internship experiences.

Utilizing a comprehensive approach from the fields of reporting and writing journalism, digital production (television and radio) script writing and photo journalism, students will have the opportunity to have a diverse and multi-disciplinary approach to multimodal platforms on which to communicate.  The program addresses a rigorous curriculum, which caters to industry trends and standards of convergence and the community needs, while reflecting the expectations of Archbishop Carroll’s College Preparatory Education.

In honor of Jim Vance, an American journalist, the art of storytelling, understanding, utilizing and implementing multi-media approaches, will be the primary focus of the program. His archived contributions to the fields of print, radio and television will provide countless opportunities through the curriculum and hands-on experience, in-house and in the field, to experience journalism as a profession.

Students participating in the four (4) year program are identified as “Vance Scholars,” and will implement the journalist code of ethics, which are in alignment with the caliber of character, which is included in the mission and purpose of Archbishop Carroll High School. Students enter the program in their freshman year and graduate with their diploma and media program certification for their internships and specializations. 

The school provides an investment (scholarship) in the academic growth and development of all Vance Scholars.

*Students accepted as a Vance Scholar will receive a 4-Year Full-Tuition Scholarship.

Program Expectations

Vance Scholars Program-This program is for high performing incoming freshman students interested in journalism/media as a specialized area of study throughout their four year matriculation at Archbishop Carroll High School.

While in the program, students must maintain a cumulative quarterly average of 3.0.  Should a student fall below this standard, they will be placed on probation and have one quarter to improve.  If for any reason a student does not improve during the allotted time period, they will not be eligible to continue to as a “Vance Scholar.”  All completed coursework will count as electives towards graduation requirements.



This program is primarily intended for new students and funding beyond freshmen year will be unavailable.  Although all students will not be accepted as, “Vance Scholars,” all introductory courses are open to Archbishop Carroll students as electives.  Introductory courses are designed to provide students with the basic principles, practices and techniques for the specified subject area.


Course of Study:


Fall                                                                               Spring


Freshman Year:

Sports Journalism                                                       Intro to Journalism

Public Speaking                                                          Intro to Mass Communication/Multimedia


Sophomore Year:

Fundamentals of Writing I (Print)                                Fundamentals of Writing II (Broadcast)

Broadcast Journalism I                                               Broadcast Journalism II


Junior Year:

Digital Social Media                                                    Careers in Media & Journalism

Practicum/Internship                                                   Practicum/Internship


Senior Year

Specialization  (Photo Journalism)                             Specialization (Print Journalism)

Practicum/Internship                                                   Practicum/Internship