Archbishop Carroll High School

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New Coach. New Season. New Success.

To kickoff the season, Carroll held its first ever Midday Madness, fashioned after the popular collegiate Midnight Madness rally full of basketball tricks and contests. The boys and girls teams went head-to-head in a skills contest of ball handling, coaches battled shooting three point shots, and the entire school was invited to participate in a half-court shot challenge. Powell introduced the three, yes three, boys basketball teams to the students and staff. This year, a freshman team was added to the program that previously housed only a junior varsity and varsity team. Creating a system that cultivates the existing talent in the halls of Carroll is all a part of Powell’s long term strategy of success.


“Emotional.” That is the word Powell used to describe the first win of the season. “For the team to understand that we have a program that can win,” proved to be equally as satisfactory as the win itself. The disappointing loss to St. John’s by 14 points was the closest game Carroll and St. John’s have played in years, with Carroll outscoring St. John’s at the end of the first quarter. “The goal is to get Carroll back to being blue collar basketball. Where we will always be competitive, we will always be a tough team, we will always be a challenge for any opponent.” Powell understands that this will take hard work, but he is up for the challenge. “It takes time, and to see the steps that we take now, it is very promising.”


Michael Powell previously held the position of Assistant Coach at Sidwell Friends School where he helped colleague Eric Singletary lead the Quakers to four MAC titles. He has also coached with several AAU teams, including Team Takeover and Team Durant. Powell is a graduate of Anacostia High School and Loyola College of Maryland, where he earned several distinctions as a player at both institutions.



Credit: Ashley D. Guster