Archbishop Carroll High School

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Carroll Student Fights for Justice as the Youngest Member of a Mayoral Advisory Group

"We talk about laws that will be passed that will affect DC youth," Johns explains about the purpose of the group. Currently, Johns is working on a project in collaboration with the Metro Police Department to address police brutality toward juveniles within the district.

Johns was hand selected by her supervisor from the Marion Barry Youth Leadership Initiative (MBYLI) in the summer of 2017 when her supervisor noticed Johns' passion for battling injustices. To date, she is most proud of dispelling the myths behind gang violence and initiation in D.C. and informed the JJAG that many initiations aren't voluntary.

Johns is also a member of Global Kids, an In-School program associated with MBYLI, where they discuss civil injustices that impact the world, such as sex trafficking. She will attend a conference in New York City where she will speak about how the disparities in D.C. are similar to national and global issues that need to be addressed with urgency.

While at Carroll, Johns
collaborated on a project that resulted in a clothing drive for children in Haiti, attended the first High School Day of Justice which focused on raising teens' awareness of the justice issues facing immigrants in the U.S., and was on a team that visited Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton's office to lobby her support for funding of reforms that supported families of immigrants.

Johns interest in battling injustices on a local and global level was inspired by her Social Justice class taught by Ms. Charlene Howard. She recalls how Ms. Howard broke down poverty levels, mass incarceration, and other social injustices made her feel. "It made me want to take a stand and speak out for those who can't speak for themselves." Ms. Howard speaks highly of Johns, noting that, "Miracle is very passionate about advocating for the rights of others." Ms. Howard went on to say that Miracle, "possessed a keen grasp of the nuances of the complex topics we covered in a way that out-shined her classmates. She is definitely going to be a formidable presence in the world of politics, policy or other realm where advocacy is involved."

Johns plans to attend Florida Memorial or Virginia State University to major in Psychology in hopes of becoming a mental health or substance abuse counselor. She is positive that although she will not pursue a profession in law, she will continue participate in various forms of advocacy.