Young Alumni Return Day

The halls of Carroll were filled with familiar faces on January 5, 2017 as former students came back for Young Alumni Return Day (Y.A.R.D.). Each year Carroll invites recent alum to reconnect with the current students. They share their knowledge of transitioning from Carroll to college while demystifying the monumental step of post-secondary education. Carroll alumni understand the importance of staying connected and investing in the students, returning with an unmatched vigor to pour into the young Lions.

Y.A.R.D. wouldn't be complete without a mini-reunion with teachers and staff who pushed the young alumni to success. In Augustinian Hall, pizza and soda interrupted the constant chatter surrounding the latest university happenings. Smiles of gratification sprawled across the faces of teachers witnessing the product of their dedication to teaching; young adults pursing higher education. The occasional glare was sprinkled throughout conversation as the timeless, I remember when you used to... was followed by a chuckle at past teenager-teacher frustrations. 

Days like this are important aspects of Carroll's college-prep agenda. Finding creative ways to adequately prepare Lions for their next educational step is a mission Carroll takes pride in executing. The satisfaction isn't just in the success of Carroll alumni, but also in their love of service to the Carroll community.