Capstone Projects Challenge Students to Put Principles into Action

Students chose topics they were passionate about and used their talents, skills and gifts to make a difference and change the world in some way. As part of the assignment, students learned about an issue, produced a project plan, conducted research, participated in various forms of activism, wrote essays and then created PowerPoint presentations and display boards.

Asenat Bokretzian ’17 and Wanofe Mideksa ‘17 were two students who delved into the issue of homelessness. They organized a toiletry and clothing drive and collected items from students, faculty, family and friends. In total, they collected items to fill 15 boxes and donated them to Thrive DC, a nonprofit that works to prevent and end homelessness in Washington, DC.

Malik Washington ’17 addressed the issue of Metro safety. He says, “The spike in crime is very concerning to me. I circulated a petition around my neighborhood and around the school. I gathered over 40 signatures of people who are concerned and want problems with the Metro system to be solved.”

Julie DeMareo, Assistant Campus Minister and Social Justice Teacher, noticed an increase in the number of students addressing very current injustices that the city is grappling with. She says, “It was interesting to see how the students wanted to craft their own response to pressing justice issues in our community as our political leaders are trying to do the same.”