Reflections from Catholic Schools Week 2016

During CSW 2016, the Archbishop Carroll community participated in a weeklong fundraising drive called Play4theCure to raise money for cancer research. Students and faculty gave generously and funds collected during the varsity basketball games were also donated. In total, Archbishop Carroll raised over $460 for the cause.
What does a Catholic school education mean?
Carroll students spent time reflecting on the value of a Catholic education by answering this important question. Their answers are powerful, honest, and inspiring, and offer a glimpse into what is in the hearts and minds of Carroll students.

“Finding Jesus in people.”   
-Breyona Vannall '16

“A long journey of hard work, followed by success, achievements and opportunities.” 
-Rita Washington '19

“Having an opportunity to escalate my spiritual life while getting an education.”   
-Asenat Bokretzian '17

“Being caring, respectful, and responsible.”   
-Kearra Durant '17

“An opportunity to further my education and get further with Christ!”   
-Danielle King '16

Participating in National Catholic Schools Week allows students to spend time reflecting in a way they may not ordinarily. By considering the value of the education they are receiving and really taking ownership of it, they are able to see what a privilege it is.