Something Special for the Holiday Season

“It was exciting to work with so many students from so many artistic backgrounds,” says Stacey Claytor, the Fine Arts Department Chair at Carroll.

While the choir, band and dance teams have been fortunate to perform on numerous occasions this school year, this was the first performance for student actors under the leadership of the new staff in the Fine Arts Department. Ms. Claytor was very pleased with how they rose to the challenge. “Most of the students that performed in the play are a part of my Drama I class this year. They each found some sort of personal inspiration to help bring out their characters. Then we just practiced it over and over and over again until it was second nature. They did a terrific job.”

Ms. Claytor, who wrote and directed the show's theatrical performance entitled "Amazing Peace", worked with her fellow faculty in the Fine Arts Department to ensure as many students as possible were involved. In total, approximately 126 students participated in the show this year. Band Director Brian Falatko led band students through a lively repertoire of Christmas songs. Visual Arts Teacher Kyle Hackett worked with art students to design the printed program and tickets and to create flyers and signs for advertising.

The performance showcased all of the students’ talents and gave them an opportunity to shine. Ms. Claytor admits that some rehearsal days were harder than others because of the sheer number of students, but she credits having extra hands on deck in enabling her to manage it all. She says, “Ms. Marita Riddick was like an angel. She was my Assistant Director for the show. Having someone there to assist was absolutely necessary because of all of the different pieces that we wanted to share.”

Next year, Ms. Claytor hopes to find new ways to get the wider community involved in the show. One of her goals is to make sure that people near and far know that Carroll has amazingly talented students.

“I think that everyone that came to the show felt blessed and touched by some part of it. Whether it was the band or the dancers or the play or the singers, people left the show with something special to carry them through the holiday season.”

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