Through Dual Enrollment Program, Students Take College Courses at CUA

Through a partnership with CUA, Archbishop Carroll students can enroll in courses at the university for no fee on a space-available basis. Over the last two years, Carroll students have taken philosophy, chemistry, psychology, Calculus II, and statistics at CUA.

CUA’s Philosophy 201: The Classical Mind functions as an introduction to philosophy, focusing on ethics and the philosophy of religion. Students read the work of Aristotle, Plato and Thomas Aquinas, among others, and gain exposure to philosophy covering time periods ranging from ancient Greece through medieval times.

Kristian attributes her positive experience in the course to a great instructor who was very down-to-earth and approachable, with a knack for making the subject matter accessible. She says, “In class, we talked about how the good life is an examined life. This really helped me in my own life. I began to think about how I could apply what I learned in class to the decisions I make every day.”

Michael Staren, a graduate student at CUA’s School of Philosophy, was Kristian’s instructor this summer in Philosophy 201. He says, “The nature of this class is about trying to get the students to engage the material and talk as much as possible. Kristian made a very solid contribution in class. I think the biggest adjustment for any high school student taking this course is the amount of participation in the classroom.”

Kristian admits that she was a little nervous on the first day. “At first it was a little intimidating, just being around all of these twenty year olds. I didn’t want to ask the wrong question or say the wrong thing, but over time I got used to it and felt more comfortable speaking up and asking questions.”

Students who participate in Carroll’s Dual Enrollment Program find the benefits to be plentiful – exposure to college-level coursework, opportunities to improve reasoning and writing capabilities, and an impressive addition to one’s transcript.

For Kristian, stepping out of her comfort zone was well worth the effort. She thoroughly enjoyed her experience over the summer and hopes to take additional courses at CUA next year.