National Symphony Orchestra Members and Guest Musicians Perform at Carroll During NSO in Your Neighborhood: Brookland to NoMA

Fine Arts Department Chair and Band Director Alyssa Montchal, who spearheaded the effort to bring the musical performances to Carroll said, “I hope that our students learned that classical music is not dead, that it is ever-evolving. They can put their spin on something that is old and make it new.”

Students enjoyed a school-wide performance on January 7th that focused on the connection between hip-hop and orchestral music. Musicians Glenn Donnellan (electric bat-violin), Christylez Bacon (beat box) and Wytold (electric cello) explained the origin of their unique instruments and how they produce a multiplicity of sounds. Christylez led the performance and shared personal stories of discovering his love of music and his talent for beat boxing – the art of producing vocal percussion sounds with one’s mouth. The three performed several tunes including “It’s the Beatbox”, which blended beat box with portions of Pachelbel's Canon in D, and "Bach Remix", a remix of Bach's Prelude to Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major.

In support of Carroll’s efforts to start a brand new strings program, the Last Stand Quartet performed on January 7th for a group of student musicians. Musicians Joel Fuller (violin), David Brubaker (violin), Mahoko Eguchi (viola), and Rachel Young (cello) played Antonín Dvořák’s String Quartet in F major, Op. 96. In addition to the beautiful musical selections, they provided historical context by explaining Dvořák’s artistic influences, which included African-American folk songs and Native American spiritual references.

The last performance, held January 8th, was a workshop session for students in Carroll’s 42-member wind ensemble. Musician William Wielgus (oboe) focused his presentation on tonality and sound production and answered questions from students.

These performances were a special treat for the Carroll community. Students were thrilled to participate in this year's NSO in Your Neighborhood and experienced firsthand the magnificent impact of music!

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