Peer Tutoring Helps Students on the Path to Success

“Sometimes teachers say things in complex ways,” says Shomari, a freshman. “So that’s why I appreciate when somebody my own age is able to break it down in a way that I can understand.”

Tutors and tutees set weekly goals and meet for 50 minutes three times a week, working on everything from algebra to study skills to biology to organization techniques.

Shomari is one of the students participating in the peer tutoring program. He signed up because he was having trouble keeping up in his Algebra I class. His tutor Sam, a sophomore, helps him by reviewing concepts he was not able to fully grasp during class.

Ms. Élana Gilmore, Vice Principal for Student Affairs and moderator of the peer tutoring program, sees firsthand how students are working together to achieve results. She says, “Initially, some students were reluctant to admit they needed help and were leery of signing up. But now that they see how it is helping their peers, they are excited about the program and want to come to tutoring.”

For tutors like Sam, helping other students is what it means to part a part of the Carroll community. “As we say, we’re a family. So if we’re a family we need to continue helping each other grow,” he commented.

Shomari proudly reports that he has improved a full letter grade in Algebra I over the past month and believes tutoring has helped put him on the path to success. Sam and Shomari have even become friends, a bond that formed during the many hours the two have spent working together in the library.

The sky is the limit for students who have a strong support team – comprised of not only parents, teachers, and administrators – but of peers as well. The students participating in the peer tutoring program make this quite evident.