Administration Shares Vision for Moving Carroll Athletics Forward

The administration’s vision includes:

Hiring and cultivating effective coaches. Tim Fudd, basketball coach; Alice Kahrs, volleyball coach; Trent Edgerton, track coach; Melissa Miller, soccer coach; Robert Harris, football coach; and Torrance Hill, Athletic Director, have all come on board at Carroll within the last two years. All are strong player developers and program builders with keen intelligence about their sports, the ability to communicate game plans that translate into action on the part of players, a willingness to support their players off the field as well as on, and eagerness to recruit and fundraise for their sports.

Recruiting. Our coaches are developing deeper networks for recruiting families and student athletes who appreciate the opportunities Carroll provides.

Cultivating Alumni. With efforts such as the Alumni Football Committee, we are actively embracing the support of alumni who want to help build our programs.

Renovating. Fundraising efforts have begun in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Washington. Our long-term plans involve $6 million in improvements to the entire facility in multiple phases. Significant short-term projects, each costing $5,000 to $20,000 per year, can help build J.V. and 9th grade teams in football and other sports, can upgrade the weight room equipment, and can help secure more stable practice facilities for sports such as soccer and softball.

Expanding Options. For some students, that involves playing sports at a college prep school is a way to achieve scholarship opportunities. For other students, trying new sports is part of a balanced approach to personal growth. Options such as the new boys volleyball program and upcoming exercise classes are a crucial component of meaningful athletics for all students.

Remaining in the WCAC. Carroll students are capable of pursuing excellence in all things. Just as students strive for I.B.-level academic excellence, the WCAC remains a standard of excellence worthy of our students’ ambitions and within the range of our school’s capacity for achievement.

Continuing Carroll’s Academic and School Spirit Gains. Archbishop Carroll is, first and foremost, a Catholic college preparatory school. Students are pursuing excellence in sports alongside academic and character development.

Each coach is working on program development plans that are appropriate for his or her sport. Some examples include:

    Football: Recruiting and developing J.V. and freshmen teams;
    Basketball: Focus on recruiting, both in the local area and beyond;
    Volleyball: Work with players to promote off-season travel team experiences.

The football, basketball, volleyball and track coaches have outlined plans that are focused on the goal of being competitive in the WCAC on the varsity level in those sports within three to five years. These team components feed a more extensive, long-term vision that is measured and monitored by our athletic director and school administrators.