With Increased Demand, Carroll’s I.B. Program Set to Expand

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a rigorous two-year course of study that focuses on seven subject areas: Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Foreign Language, Mathematics and Music. At Carroll, students can pursue either the full I.B. Diploma or I.B. credit in individual subjects.

This academic year, 55% of all Carroll 11th and 12th graders voluntarily chose to participate in at least one I.B. course, a significant increase over previous years. Fifty-one juniors and thirty-four seniors are completing I.B. coursework; the seniors are currently taking I.B. exams.

Students and faculty alike are excited for what lay ahead for the I.B. program. Principal Katy Dunn says, “With an increase in the number of 10th graders signing up for next year, several additional I.B. courses —  including a new I.B. English course — will be offered in 2015-16 and more over the next several years.”

So what will I.B. at Carroll look like next year and beyond?

President Beth Blaufuss shares, “Over the next five years, Carroll will transition from being a school with an I.B. program to an I.B. school, where I.B. impacts almost all courses.”

This year, the faculty initiated a complete realignment of the curriculum, so that all 9th and 10th grade courses beginning next school year will prepare all students for I.B. work. By 2020, every junior and senior will take at least one I.B. course.

This is a huge undertaking and a shift that will mean all courses incorporate I.B. standards in the curriculum. All students will gain I.B. critical thinking and subject-specific skills that are beneficial to college success. With a solid foundation in place, Carroll’s smooth transition to all-I.B. is something we can all look forward to celebrating in the years to come.

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