2020 Summer Bridge Assignments

2020 Summer Bridge Assignments

ACHS Students!!!!

I hope you are enjoying your summer!!!  

Below you will find a list of Summer Assignments to be completed prior to the start of the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.  Each assignment has been designed to help bridge what you have learned from this school year to what you will learn during the upcoming school year.  Your teachers will expect that each of you have completed these assignments that will factor into your 1st Quarter grade

Please be sure you are doing the correct assignments.  For your convenience, assignments have been grouped according to your graduation year.  For math and foreign language, please make sure you are doing the assignment for the classes you will be taking in the Fall.   

Summer Assignments 

Please follow the links for the required summer assignments.  Assignments are to be submitted by the due date identified in the Assignment Description.  

Class of 2021

Class of 2022

Class of 2023

Class of 2024





English/Freshman Seminar

Social Studies

Social Studies

Social Studies






Science (Google classroom: class code isluhql)

Science (Google classroom: class code isluhql)

Science (Google classroom: class code k24r2zs)

Science (Google classroom: class code k24r2zs) 

Pre Calculus

Probability and Statistics

Algebra 2


Algebra 1


Digital Engineering 

Principles of Engineering Design


Foreign Languages

Level 4

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1

Spanish 4 (Google classroom: ih433nu)

Spanish 3 (Google classroom: edepcvb)

French 3 (Google classroom: tiysm22)

Spanish 2 (Google classroom: pyj3gdt)

French 2 (Google classroom: h3pp35f)

Spanish 1 (Google classroom: w7xi5m5)

French 1 (Google classroom: bfyt5d7)

Department Contacts for the Summer

English:  Ms. Togia atogia@achsdc.org  or Ms. Bruce tbruce@achsdc.org

Math:  Ms. Irwin dirwin@achsdc.org

Social Studies:  Mr. Faletti tfaletti@achsdc.org or Mr. Dumas jdumas@achsdc.org 

Science: Mr. Burton wburton@achsdc.org

Fine Arts: Mr. Jones anthonyjones@achsdc.org

Foreign Language:  Mrs. Powell mpowell@achsdc.org 

Engineering:  Mrs. Ming mming@achsdc.org

Vance Media:  Dr. Ward cward@achsdc.org 

Religion Mrs. Howard choward@achsdc.org

Google Classroom Access:

New to Google Classroom? Follow the simple instructions below to gain access to your ACHS Summer Bridge Assignments:

  1. Log into your ACHS email account. Don't have one? Contact Ms. Jackson-Nesmith at kjacksonnesmith@achsdc.org to gain access to your school email.
  2. At the top right corner, click the Google Apps icon (3x3 dot matrix)
  3. Select Google Classroom icon  (Green and Gold Classroom)
  4. Click plus sign (+) at the top right hand corner
  5. Select “Join Class”
  6. Enter class code provided by your teacher in the Summer Bridge Assignments document

Please contact Mrs. Powell at mpowell@achsdc.org with any questions regarding summer assignments.