A Closer Look: Carroll Educators Find Creative Ways to Engage Lions Through Distance Learning

How have you guided ACHS educators and staff in this new normal centered around distance learning?

During this unprecedented time, it’s vital that all of our ACHS educators have the resources that they need to continue instruction. We have done so whether by providing individual support or researching best practices for the overall digital environment community for each particular discipline. I have also prioritized encouraging teachers to think outside of the box and to embrace this as a time to be innovative and try new things that they would not have necessarily attempted or thought of before the campus closure. Together, we have increased opportunities for collaboration and strengthened our current academic programs. This will have an immediate impact for distance learning but will also be valuable once we return to campus.
Looking forward, what’s in store as we continue to get through this period and how can we continue thriving as a community?
As we look forward, we have strengthened our use of Google Apps for Education, specifically how teachers interface with students during synchronous learning using Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, and Google Meet. We also plan to implement the use of ZOOM technology for class instruction as well as for teacher collaboration and professional development.  My team and I continue exploring the future of transitioning to a 1:1 learning environment that includes taking a closer look at not only technology in the way of devices for students and teachers, but also eBooks and other learning platforms that are in line with our mission to prepare students for college and beyond.
Share some of your favorite creative distance learning examples from ACHS educators. 

Here are some of the many creative ways Carroll educators are leveraging technology to keep our student body connected and engaged:

Art - Mask Project - Mr. Newman - Mixed Grade Level

Mr. Newman instructed his students to find an old graphic t-shirt to make face masks!


  Art - Mask Project - Mr. Newman


Social Studies - Mr. Dumas - Grade 10

Assignment Description - As you may have seen in the news, on social media, or on other web outlets, the Getty Museum, inspired by a Dutch woman’s Instagram account, has issued a challenge to those stuck at home during the quarantine: recreate a famous painting using who and what you have around the house.  In an attempt to bring some light-heartedness and humor to a Spring Break that will see most of us staying home I will award extra credit to any students who choose to recreate paintings.  Mr Dumas encouraged students to incorporate family members, pets, household objects, and anything else lying around to bring these old artworks to life.


GettySocial Studies - Mr. Dumas


Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry led the Carroll community in prayer through a virtual Stations of the Cross experience using Google Hangouts.

In an effort to keep everyone in our community constantly lifted in prayer, Campus Ministry also created a prayer wall inviting everyone to post their prayers virtually on the wall.

Prayer Wall
Campus Ministry

Drama 3 Technical Theatre - Mr. Jones

Drama 3 Technical Theatre: Using https://thevirtualtheatre.com/the-virtual-theatre-5/, which is a new platform that allows the student to create Virtual Stage scenes using lighting, sets and props. Due to our new online distance learning, the students will have to recreate a Living Room set from well known TV shows for their final projects using correct, proper, colors and lighting


Mathematics teacher Jacques LaGrange embeds math problems in QR codes that students unlock by scanning the code with their smartphones.  The QR code presents a math problem for students to solve and students are then required to send a video back to Mr. LaGrange explaining how they solved the problem using their smartphones. 

“Most of my students have improved in some way because of (this approach). By allowing them to use their phones as an instrument it enhances their education. It is not that you use your phone but knowing how to use it as a resource. Kids love to talk about themselves so I allow them to use video and pictures to show how smart they really are.”

This was new to all of us, but we learned important lessons which include:

  • The importance of technology as an instrument to enhance learning in meaningful ways.
  • Our teachers are innovative and creative in finding ways to further support student learning during this time.
  • As a community we are able to adapt to unfortunate circumstances holding steadfast to our Faith as an anchor.
  • We learned to lean on and support one another in all that we do.