Archbishop Carroll Celebrates Student-Athlete Day by Marking Athletic and Academic Achievements


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Archbishop Carroll Celebrates Student-Athlete Day by Marking Athletic and Academic Achievements

Ten Senior Student-Athletes Receive Athletic Scholarships to Top Universities


WASHINGTON, (April 6, 2020) Archbishop Carroll High School, a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Washington, today celebrated National Student Athlete Day by honoring the academic and athletic accomplishments of their student-athletes.

“I am proud of the accomplishments of our talented student-athletes. The combination of a strong college prep academic regime coupled with competing in an elite athletic league within a talent filled location has made Archbishop Carroll a favorite recruiting destination for intercollegiate athletic coaches in both girls and boys sports of all levels,” said Archbishop Carroll Athletics Director Brian Ellerbe.

 In total, 24 student-athletes at Archbishop Carroll have been accepted to a college or university. Ten senior student-athletes have been accepted into college on athletic scholarship.

Senior student-athletes who have received athletic scholarships include:

Indoor Track 

Jordyn Johnson - Delaware State


Boys’ Basketball: 

Tegra Izay - LaSalle University  

Cory Barnes - Towson University 

Casheus Covington - East Stroudsburg Universit



Anton Harrison - University of Oklahoma

Donte Harrison - Shepherd University 

Clyde Haley - Bowie State University

TJ Boussard - Millersville University

Sir Jerome Treadwell - Lincoln University (PA)

Lorenzo Green - Alvernia University 


“Here at Archbishop Carroll High School we continue the diverse legacy of immersing all of our students-athletes in a traditional Catholic academic setting that promotes and values service to others, while providing rigorous instruction to students in the Greater Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.  Additionally Archbishop Carroll High School houses one of the city’s strongest Engineering/ STEM curriculum along with the newly opened, state-of-the-art Jim Vance Media Center,” said Archbishop Carroll Principal Elana Gilmore.


Archbishop Carroll student-athletes compete in The Washington Catholic Athletic Conference (WCAC) and The District of Columbia State Athletic Association (DCSAA).

2019-2020 individual athletic honors include:


WCAC Metro Division All-Conference First Team Honors:

Anton Harrison ’20 - OL

Joshua Mason ’20 - OL

Elijah Solomon ’22 - RB

Tauriaj Broussard ’20 - WR

Malachi Baker ’22 - Specialist

Caleb Mungo ’20 - DL

Sir Jerome Treadwell ’20 - DL

Jeremiah Arbertha ’20 - LB

Shon Reid ’22- LB

Donte Harrison ’20 - CB


WCAC Metro Division All-Conference Second Team Honors:

Clyde Haley, Jr. ’20 - OL

Jimto Obidegwu ’21 - OL

Jeremiah Stafford ’20 - OL

Jordan Harris ’20 - QB

Lorenzo Green ’20 - RB

Jamal Mungo ’23 - RB

Jamar Ebron ’23 - WR

Leron Husbands ’21 - TE

Noreon Moody ’23 - Specialist

Elijah Billingsley ’22 - DL

David LaFears ’21 - LB

David Warmington, Jr. ’22 - LB

Quran Watts ’20- CB

Joseph Kirby ‘20 - S  

Josiah Osei-Anane ’22 - P


WCAC All-Conference Honorable Mention Honors:

Robert Lawson, Jr. ’22 - QB

Matthew Scarlett ’23 - DL

Davouz Johnson ’22 - LB

Joshua Lesesne ’22 - S

Bryce Dudley ’22 - FS


Offensive Player of the Year: Anton Harrison ’20

WCAC Metro Division Coach-of-the-Year: Robert Harris


Taniya Lawson '22-WCAC All Conference Second Team/ DCSAA All Conference Second Team
Amari Jones'21- WCAC All Conference Honorable Mention



WCAC All-Conference Second Team Honors: 

Micaela Morrison ’20


WCAC All-Conference Honorable Mention Honors:

Milan Reynolds ’21

Anya Nelson ’22


WCAC Coach-of-the-Year:

LaMeka Short


DCSAA Girls’ All Star Team Selections:

Micaela Morrison ’21

Milan Reynolds ’21

Anya Nelson ’22


Soccer (Girls)

DCSAA / OCASE Girls’ All-Star Selections:

Bintia Bah ’20

Angel Bilal ’20

Mahlet Shoarega ’21

Katherine Rodriguez ’22


Soccer (Boys) 

WCAC Boys’ All-Conference Second Team Honors:

Haleem Barrett '21

Jermaine Davids ’21 (second team) 


WCAC Boys’ All-Conference Honorable Mention Honors:

Kingsley John ’20

Jahvar Stephenson ’21

Kevin Williams ’23


Indoor Track

All-Met Girls’ First Team (Washington Post) Honors:

Jordyn Johnson ’20


All-Met Girls’ Honorable Mention (Washington Post) Honors:

Julianne Cherry ’21

Ariana Guerrero ’23

Nia Long ’22



 DCSAA eSPORTS Inaugural Season Champions

Marcus Powell 

Taylor Williams

Kenneth Nguyen

Victor Lynch

Coach Michelle Ming ACHS Director or Engineering / STEM


National Student-Athlete Day

National Student-Athlete Day (NSAD), observed annually on April 6, provides an opportunity to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of student-athletes. National STUDENT-Athlete Day was created by National Consortium for Academics and Sports (NCAS) to honor high school and college student-athletes who have excelled in academics and athletics and who have contributed to their communities and schools in a significant way.The program seeks to encourage families, schools and communities to support their STUDENT-athletes in their endeavors. Support student-athletes and use #StudentAthleteDay.


Archbishop Carroll Athletics

Archbishop Carroll Athletics competes in the WCAC, one of strongest and most respected athletic conferences in the nation as well as DCAA, which is made up of public schools, DC private schools from various conferences such as the WCAC and the MAC, and DC charter schools. The department fields both Varsity and Junior Varsity Girls and Boys Teams in 8 sports in addition to a Championship eSPORTS Program. For more information on team schedules and rosters click here or visit


 About Archbishop Carroll

Archbishop Carroll High School, under the leadership of President Larry Savoy '93 and Principal Elana Gilmore, is a Catholic, college preparatory, co-educational school in the Archdiocese of Washington that welcomes young people and empowers them in an academically rigorous, diverse, and supportive learning environment. Established in 1951, Archbishop Carroll led by example as one of the first D.C. schools to defy segregation three years before the landmark civil rights Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education declared it unconstitutional. In 1989, Cardinal Hickey, the Archbishop of Washington, ordered three diocesan high schools merged into Archbishop Carroll, All Saints, Holy Spirit, and Mackin. In doing so, he created a legacy at Archbishop Carroll in three primary ways: by expanding its inclusive mission by enrolling women as a co-educational institution; by maintaining a consistent call for Catholic institutions to serve others; and by calling Archbishop Carroll to effective financial stewardship. Today, Archbiship Carroll continues to honor its legacy as a place where all students can know, love and serve God. Archbishop Carroll is one of 93 Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Washington located across the region in Washington, D.C., and five Maryland counties. Learn more at