A Closer Look: President Larry Savoy

Tell us about your experience at Carroll as a student thirty years ago

Thirty years ago as a student walking the halls..... I remember walking into the student lobby and thinking oh my goodness, this is huge! From the beginning, I wanted to get involved that's just the type of person I am. The first sport I played was soccer, I played varsity soccer all four years. I really wanted to play football, but my mother told me I couldn't, so I secretly joined the soccer team! I didn't get involved in the theater program until my junior year and participated in the Christmas play and the Black History performance. In the Spring, I played baseball and was pretty good at it.   I was really excited that I had the opportunity to grow and matriculate in this wonderful school and in these wonderful programs.

What positions have you held as a faculty member at Carroll over the years?

I was blessed to graduate from Carroll in 1993 my class was the first class to come in with girls. In 1997, when I graduated from Temple University, I was offered a position by then President Mumford to come back and be the  attendance officer. I was also given the opportunity to direct the Christmas play and Black History show. I also coached baseball. I then became the assistant dean and then the dean of students. While doing those things, I taught drama and public speaking. In 2007, I became the assistant principal of student life. I was doing this while in grad school. I left Carroll and learned some different tricks of the trade and then was fortunate to come back last year as president. I have held every position in this school with the exception of principal. Getting to know the students and knowing the inner workings of the school has really been a benefit for me in my career, but especially now as the President of Archbishop Carroll.

How does it feel to share your pride for Carroll leading at the helm as President?

It’s an honor for me to be the president of Archbishop Carroll because I get to help young people, our current generation understand what Archbishop Carroll means not just to students and alumni but to  the city. We at Archbishop Carroll have always prided ourselves in working with people who wanted an opportunity, who needed an opportunity. So to be the leader and ensure our current students understand the history, understand the past and understand that we have a greater purpose that their history is not yet written. Archbishop Carroll is rich in history and pride and I am happy that I am able to embody that as president because I have lived this. If you trust that Archbishop Carroll is the place for you then great things are in store. 

Many alumni say lifelong friendships develop here. Tell us about the friendships you have developed at Carroll?

Being here at Carroll you make a lot of friends. It’s a small school. I have had the opportunity to grow those friendships.  There are people I haven't spoken to in years, but when I see them we just pick up where we left off. The concept of family, the concept of being prideful.... we are a family. That was instilled in me at Carroll. Those friendships really grew here at Carroll. If you are a Carroll man or woman, that's a lasting relationship and friendship because that's how family is. 

Carroll is deeply rooted in legacy. How does it feel to have shared your pride for Carroll  by seeing your daughter become a Carroll Lion?    

My experience as a Carroll parent was one of sheer joy. In 2014, my oldest daughter, Bria graduated from Archbishop Carroll.  Her freshman year I was the assistant principal at the time. The tradition I spoke about so often that she saw from afar visiting the Christmas shows and visiting as a younger student, to share that joy love and passion with my daughter has been rewarding to be able to share with her this joy and pride.  It runs deeper than just me her cousins went here, her grandfather went here, so there is a lot of tradition that I was able to share with her first- hand. It’s no longer hearsay, but now she has walked these halls and understands our commission and passion that quite honestly put her on the path she is on now as a servant leader now as a first grade teacher. I have one more daughter and I am hopeful she will be able to understand the importance of this legacy by attending Archbishop Carroll

What do you want to share with your fellow alumni?

Carroll has not changed. The one thing I can say is that we are still the place that prepared you alum to be the successful people you are today. We can’t forget that it was Carroll that planted the seed for us to grow and blossom.