Archbishop Carroll High School

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Our Beliefs

We are a Catholic school. We believe that each of us is called to be transformed by the saving power of Christ.


   * All students, teachers, staff, administration and parents are expected to embrace the Gospel values of honoring the dignity of all persons and working daily toward the common good.

   * We welcome students of all faiths.


   * We exist to promote enthusiasm for the Catholic faith.


   * All members of our community are expected to appreciate Catholic forms of prayer and worship.  


We believe that thinking critically, creatively and morally enables us to serve God and live with purpose.


   * We are a college preparatory school because that curriculum best honors our students’ God-given intellects.


   * We also help students develop habits of work and thought that enable them to become independent adults who work for the common good.


   * The International Baccalaureate Learner Profile informs the habits of mind we promote for all students. 


We believe that all members of the Archbishop Carroll community will hold themselves accountable for their responsibilities to themselves and to each other.

Students accept responsibility for:


* Learning


* Acting ethically


* Supporting each other


Faculty accept responsibility for:


* Teaching students the content and skills they need to excel in college and beyond


      * Modeling ethical and charitable behavior


      * Learning and implementing best teaching practices


Staff and Administration accept responsibility for:


      * Advancing the institution spiritually and operationally

* Sustaining excellence by having good teachers, high standards and accountability measures


      * Developing and maintaining a diverse learning community


      * Maintaining effective oversight


      * Keeping Carroll financially sustainable and affordable


Parents accept responsibility for:


* Modeling ethical, charitable behavior

* Financially, academically and emotionally supporting their own child’s education and promoting its value

* Collaborating pro-actively with teachers and administration

* Actively participating in the Parents' Association or other Carroll endeavors 



Our daily quest for community is anchored in the virtues of temperance, charity, and faith.


* Virtue can and must be cultivated in teens, who are called to virtue at all times, whether in school or out.


* Teachers must model the virtues we call on students to exercise.


* Community collaboration can make virtue easier for all individuals to embrace.