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President's Welcome

Many Carroll alumni radiate pride and joy when they talk about their high school experiences, and with good reason. For over 60 years, Archbishop Carroll High School has engaged in a bold experiment on one of the highest hills in Washington. We bring together a wide range of teenagers and together, through the subjects we study and the relationships we form, we seek nothing less than the face of God. 

The core ideas that animate Archbishop Carroll, as they have done from our founding, include:

* Academic Rigor: Cultivating students’ intellects is the core work of a college prep school such as Carroll. It is also a celebration of the gifts God gives each student. So our International Baccalaureate program and dedicated faculty don’t just load students up with the knowledge and skills they need for competitive college admissions; they find and nurture the best within each student as a way of glorifying God.

* Social Justice: Archbishop Carroll was opened in 1951 as one of the first racially integrated high schools in the area. Working to make the world a more fair place remains a bedrock of the community we form and the purpose we instill in students.

* Formation for Freedom: Any teenager who has been handed the keys to a car knows the feeling of power that comes with taking control of the wheel. Archbishop Carroll uses strategies for discipline and reflection that foster responsible independence, so that our young people can productively use their God-given freedom.

* Joy: We take having fun seriously at Archbishop Carroll. In the midst of hard work and a challenging world, Archbishop Carroll intentionally cultivates joy through our small faith groups, co-curricular activities, sports, and pastoral care of students. 

A New Era 

In the Catholic newspaper issued the week of Archbishop Carroll’s opening in 1951, the Archbishop quoted Pope Pius XII, who said that Christians must be ready to face “‘the demands of the times,’” and that a Catholic school “‘must constantly adapt itself to the circumstances.’” You can find Carroll’s adaptations to the demands of the day in the Vision for 2020, where we outline an ambitious plan for facilities improvements; the implementation of a pre-engineering program and International Baccalaureate for all; and expansion of sports and activities. 

We invite prospective families and alumni to explore and become a part of a new era for Archbishop Carroll High School. 

-Beth Blaufuss, President/ CEO